Aspö Writing Lab ASPÖ 2019

 Aspö Writing Lab is back were it all started, on our annual summer camp on the creative Aspö Island, Karlskrona archipelago Sweden. Our goal: Stronger screenplays enriched by diversity.

We are exited once again to collaborate with director Zanyar Adami & actors, award winning professor, screenwriting coach and Wift member Marilyn Horowitz, New York, writing coach Fredrik Lindqvist and many more of the best creative minds in the industry. Join us on Aspö, August 22 - 28th 2019.


Aspö Writing Lab is NOT a school, or traditional class. For traditional classes, we are happy to recommend some of our best colleagues in the business. Aspö Writing Lab is a creative platform, and a true laboratory for experiments that embraces brave failures as well as success.

What you get

  • The structure and craft of screenwriting

  • Your key-scene performed and filmed by professional actors

  • Learn what producers want (and don't want) in a screenplay and why diversity matters

  • Develop your screenplay or idea / free consultation

  • Network with writers and experts in the industry

The structure and craft of screenwriting

Learn the structure and craft of screenwriting, with examples from award winning professor Marilyn Horowitz, New York  'How to write a screenplay in 10 weeks' and Swedish best-seller Fredrik Lindqvist 'Att Skriva Filmmanus' ('How to write Screenplays'). 

Your key-scene  performed by professional actors and filmed

Have a key-scene from your screenplay performed with professional directors and actors and filmed - an unique opportunity to improve not only your scene, but your entire screenplay. Explore what happens when stereotypes are changed. A chance to explore the craft of screenwriting with some of the best minds in the industry.

What a producer wants (and doesn't want!) in a screenplay - and why diversity matters
Skype sessions with producers who will discuss what producers want and don't want in a screenplay, and the importance of diversity. 

We watch and analyze film and our work in progress, with Aspö Writing Lab delegates.

Since it start in 2016, Aspö Writing Lab has fast developed a network in the film industry, amongst writers, directors, actors, photographers and filmmakers in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Ireland, New York, Los Angeles, London and Berlin. Welcome to our family!



(NOTE! Updates are ongoing / changes are foreseen)

Time for writing / consultation will be merged into the daily program.

 August 22nd (12am – 6pm)

  • ARRIVAL / CHECK IN - Coffee/Brunch

  • Welcome & introduction

  • Writing Class I – Plot & Premise question

  • Diversity and Stereotypes - the power of screenplay


August 23rd (10am-6pm)

  • Coffee / Breakfast / Lunch

  • Writing Class II – Scenes & Turning points

  • Scenes analysed/filmed with Zanyar Adami & actors

  • Prof. Marilyn Horowitz, New York: when your longline sell your script (SKYPE)

August 24th (10am-8pm)

  • Coffee/Breakfast/Lunch

  • Writing Class III – Scenes cont'd.

  • Scenes analysed/filmed with director and professional actors

  • Fredrik Lindqvist - Writing Scenes

  • Joint dinner / Film Jam - show your work in progress

August 25th (10am-8pm) 

  • Coffee/Breakfast/Lunch

  • Writing Class IV – Character

  • Scenes analysed/filmed with Zanyar Adami & actors

  • Dinner at the Citadel (own expense)

August 26th (10am-6pm) 

  • Coffee/Breakfast/Lunch

  • Writing Class V – How to sell your screenplay

  • Scenes analysed/filmed with Zanyar Adami & actors

August 27th (10am-6pm)

  • Coffee/Breakfast/Lunch

  • Writing Class VI – Fredrik Lindqvist

  • Pitch at London Screenwriters Festival

  • What a producer want (and don’t want!) in a screenplay

    August 28th (10am-2pm + final CIFF)

  • Coffee/Breakfast/Lunch

  • Writing Class VII – Fredrik Lindqvist

  • FINAL OPEN AIR FILM at CARL INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Karlskrona evening session, optional)


Aspö Writing Lab ASPÖ ISLAND 2019 is produced in collaboration with Carl International Film Festival (CIFF), London Screenwriting Festival (LSF) and Women in Film and Television (WIFT) and Aspö Kulturförening.


Your application should include:

  • A few words about yourself and why you'd like to join Aspö WritingLab on Aspö Island

  • If you have a project / an idea: A treatment, or work in progress / a key scene from your screenplay, or a few words about an idea you might have.

  • Food restrictions and / or other important information you think we should know. NOTE! There are ticks in the Swedish archipelago, that might carry diseases such as borrelia or TBE. Vaccination recommended.

Send your bio and any added material as a pdf to:

Limited number of places. If your application has been accepted you will be given information by August 10th.



Apply here or use the email address above to send in your application. 


Aspö Writing Lab Aspö 2019


 A seven day Writing Lab


Aspö Writing Lab Cottages

The Citadel


August 22 - 28th, 2019


Once  your application has been accepted you will recieve an invoice. You can then secure your place by paying the class fee.

  • Class fee: 2500 SEK + VAT/moms (Student fee 500 SEK)

  • Included: Writing Lab + lunch/coffee

  • Free screenplay feedback in private consultation with Birgitta Liljedahl / Marilyn Horowitz

  • NOT included: Travel, accommodation, dinner

  • Simple accommodation (1000 SEK) and joint dinner for a low fee can be provided on request


If you have any questions concerning this class, please contact Birgitta Liljedahl: