Director Zanyar Adami joins Aspö Writing Lab 2017

Director Zanyar Adami joins Aspö Writing Lab

Aspö Writing Lab is proud to present director Zanyar Adami that will join us in AWL London 2017.

Zanyar Adami is a driven storyteller that turns his passion for human rights in to films, lectures, books and companies. He debuted as a film director with The Guerilla Son in 2011, followed up by the short fiction film Krigsduvor in 2013, and Senses 2016.

Zanyar Adami

Zanyar Adami



Zanyar has been writing professionally since 2003. He has been a journalist, columnist and editor in chief of Gringo Magazine.

He has also written in several books and co-edited the book Pittstim in 2008. He has held over 500 lectures in ten years in small towns and big arenas like the Stockholm Globe and in Cannes. He speeks about diversity, gender, and more in a homourus and entertaining way

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